Thursday, December 08, 2005

When we last left our hero..

I deserted you with an abrupt lack of posting about the Royals season that I, you know, wasn't really even talking about anymore. That much was ok (did anybody even notice?). But leaving you without a conclusion to my adult baseball league team's, that just wasn't right.

We'll fix that in a bit. In the meantime, a little reason behind my extended disappearance: I, uh, didn't wanna write about the Royals anymore? Nah, that couldn't really be it. Hard as I try, there's actually a limit to how little I can care about this team, and it bottoms out right around "must find out what happened to them at least a few times daily". I'm afraid that unless they move or go away (or something equally catastrophic), I'm stuck actually clamoring to know what they do.

Truth is (as you've noticed before) this site gets shoved to the back burner to simmer quietly now and then, when I run out of time, or get lazy, or the Royals lose another set of 100+. It shouldn't, but if I promised you otherwise – well, I wouldn't do that. Because I know what'll happen when I get frustrated and then never get around to posting for a while and...well, you've seen that happen.

Oh yeah, I also moved to Chicago. Remember last season's debacle in anaheim? That will be my new place at every Royals game: hostile invader, rooting for the enemy (a.k.a. "glutton for punishment"). A new experience for me, certainly, it has to be if I want to see the Royals in person in 2006. And, despite the fact that most of the games at U.S. Cellular next year involving the Royals just had to be on weeknights, I will definitely be there a few times (at least there's a game on my birthday in August). I will miss the $7 tickets and 60% empty stadium in KC, but I will get to see the world champions in action (*gasp* *puke* ugh..). I'm afraid I also won't be able to bring my grand Anti-Jermaine Dye sign I've had planned for a while to the stadium as I always wanted to do in KC, but, uhh...dammit! I just remembered that..

Anyway, I'll get to the Royals in another post. I mean, with the breaking news lately – Mark Redman! Elmer Dessens! Esteban German! – there will certainly be time to cry about every transaction the Royals agonized over. (For the record, I actually think all 3 are pretty decent moves, but what would a Royals discussion be without 99% of everybody slamming them for idiocy?)

Anyway, next post will bring the long-sought conclusion to Joe Blow's Adult Baseball League for 2005. Thrilling, to say the least..

Joe Blow

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